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Golden Li Award·Zhou Yaoqi: "Slimming" skill capitalizes Weihai culture

Golden Li Award·Zhou Yaoqi: "Slimming" skill capitalizes Weihai culture



Highlights of the year: "Culture is the soul of the city, and art makes life better". With this concept, Zhou Yaoqi, a young Huizhou merchant who has been engaged in clothing export trade for 10 years, re-plans and transforms into a gorgeous transformation. Together with Wang Hua, the patent inventor of fiber relief painting , Launched the fiber relief painting, put Weihai's regional characteristics, historical culture, and scenic spots on the drawing board. At the same time, the Fenglin Gallery was established using the European gallery business and service concept, which will create a brand-new urban cultural business card for Weihai. In 2012, Zhou Yao went all the way with the wind and the waves.

        In the square frame, a wolf is walking past a shallow stream, with sharp eyes and full fur, and the waves splashing under his feet are full of movement, as if about to step out of the frame. At a glance, you can feel the perseverance and perseverance of the wolf. This is the picture of "Wolf", a hand-made fiber relief painting that won a bronze award at the "Hundred Flowers Award" of China's Arts and Crafts in 2013. Now, this work is hanging in the exhibition hall of Weihai Haiyidas Art Museum for people to watch. Going south along the Gaoqu International Bathing Beach, you can see a small building. The exhibition hall on the first floor is the Weihai Haiyi Das Art Museum. The museum displays a variety of fiber relief paintings, including portraits and cartoons. Animal images, white swans, seaweed houses, old houses and other unique works of Weihai. "We are committed to combining the fiber relief painting with Weihai culture." Said Zhou Yaoqi, general manager of Weihai Haiyidas Culture Media Co., Ltd.

        In 2003, Zhou Yaoqi founded Weihai Haiyidasi International Trade Co., Ltd. and began to engage in textile and garment export. In the past 10 years, he has always been adhering to the principle of "creating value for customers and bringing benefits to employees", bringing out a team of more than 30 people, insisting on teamwork, division of labor and cooperation, and complementary advantages. The export volume has increased from the initial annual value of 100,000 US dollars. Up to now, nearly 10 million U.S. dollars and sustained profitability have laid the foundation for the development of the cultural industry.

        In March 2011, Weihai Haiyidas Culture Media Co., Ltd. was registered and established. This was a major turning point for Zhou Yaoqi, who started from scratch eight years ago. He adheres to the development concept of "developing arts and crafts with a cultural perspective, inheriting civilization, and spreading culture", and promotes the patented product-fiber relief painting, which is positioned as city gifts, cultural gifts, and high-end tourist souvenirs, to the market, becoming a Weihai order People have endless aftertastes of cultural products. At the same time, the operation method of its subsidiary Fenglin Gallery adopts the European gallery management philosophy: sharing the value of the artwork itself, and following the common people's management idea.

        When it comes to the reasons why he fancyed this market at the beginning, Zhou Yaoqi was quite touched. "In the summer of 1996, I graduated from Anhui and came to Weihai. I have lived in Weihai for so many years. I love this land. I hope to use Weihai’s regional characteristics and history and culture as a carrier, combined with tourism and foreign economic and cultural exchanges. Such forms should be passed on and carried forward.” Zhou Yaoqi said.

       It happened that Zhou Yaoqi met Wang Hua, who was granted a national invention patent for fiber relief painting, and two Anhui natives started a second business in their second hometown. As early as 2001, Wang Hua developed a method for making three-dimensional fiber paintings on the basis of Ma'anshan flat silk paintings, and obtained a national invention patent. In order to distinguish it from the name of cotton painting in other regions, they named this three-dimensional silk and cotton painting "fiber relief painting". Zhou Yaoqi and Wang Hua hit it off, one in charge of marketing, strategy, capital, and the other in charge of technology, R&D and training.

        Zhou Yaoqi never fought insecure battles. Before the establishment of the company, he had done a lot of market research with Wang Hua, on the history, current situation and development direction of national silk paintings such as cotton pile paintings in Zhangzhou, Fujian, cotton wool paintings in Shaanxi, and flat silk paintings in Ma'anshan, Anhui. With a comprehensive understanding, a wealth of theoretical knowledge has been reserved for the development of fiber relief paintings. At the same time, the rise and fall of cotton paintings of the mainstream factions have also provided experience and reference for the development of enterprises. In addition, at that time, Weihai's market in this area was still blank, waiting for the excavation and development of interested people. This strengthened their determination to promote fiber relief painting.

        Culture is the soul of the city, and art makes life better". Fiber relief painting is not just a simple handicraft, it carries cultural and artistic connotation and regional folklore information, which is beyond the reach of ordinary handicrafts. After the establishment of the company, in the creation process In the middle, Zhou Yao and others have always been based in Weihai, focusing on Qilu, taking the spread of Chinese civilization as their mission, and focusing on the regional culture, historical civilization, customs, and scenic spots of Weihai, they have developed Jiaodong ancient dwellings — seaweed house series, Weihai historical buildings — —Old Western House series, Weihai Rongcheng Swan series; around Qilu culture, developed Confucius series, Taishan series; around international exchanges, developed Panda series, freehand peony series, etc. The exquisite handmade works are close to life, derived from reality, and exude a richness The atmosphere of the times and regional cultural characteristics.

        Their carefully created works shined in major cultural expositions and won bursts of applause from the audience. The work "Jobs" won the "Gold Award" in the 2012 China Arts and Crafts Hundred Flowers Award; the work "Wolf" won the "Bronze Award" in the 2013 China Arts and Crafts Hundred Flowers Awards and won the 6th China (Hefei) International Culture Expo "Gold Award"; "Seagrass House" series, won the "Silver Award" of the 10th Shandong Tourism Commodity Innovation Design Competition; the work "Fufule Happy New Year" won the "Gold Medal" of the 10th Shandong Tourism Commodity Innovation Design Competition... …Every honor, every admiration is the recognition of the fiber relief painting, which also allows Zhou Yaoqi to see the development direction of the future market.

        In 2012, after a year of development and accumulation, the fiber relief paintings of Weihai Hiidas Culture Media Co., Ltd. have become a famous brand in the industry, and the exquisite fiber relief paintings have entered many regions around the world.  

However, the market for creative cultural products is essentially different from the market for ordinary commodities. "The supply and demand in the cultural product market is not stable. Once the supply increases in the fierce market competition for a certain period of time, but the demand does not increase with it, it is easy to cause a product backlog." Zhou Yaoqi said that at the beginning of product promotion, This feature of cultural products has already been recognized. Therefore, in order to avoid product backlogs, Zhou Yao strictly controls the amount of market input, improves product quality, and wins with quality.

        Last year, when another period of overproduction of products came, Zhou Yaoqi was not in a hurry. On the one hand, he took advantage of the government’s various preferential policies to increase research and development, and on the other hand, he strengthened internal management and strictly controlled by specialized quality supervisors. Product quality does not allow any defective product to flow into the market, so that the company still maintains an attitude of neither humble nor arrogant during the downturn.

        Facing the treacherous cultural market competition, Zhou Yaoqi is very calm. The most basic reason is that the development of the cultural industry is a process that can only be profitable for a long time, and the fiber relief painting is no exception.